First off, what is Rhino Wood?

Rhino Wood is sustainably grown soft wood that has been converted into a hardwood equivalent. This is done through thermal heat treatment and cell permeation with a non-toxic compound.  This treatment results in an abundance of benefits….

What are these benefits? 

  • No plastics or harmful chemicals are used in its production, meaning that it really is kinder to the earth and environment
  • The modification process increases the strength of the soft wood by up to 60%. This increases its load bearing capacity substantially, making it a really strong timber. This also means fewer scratches, dents and less surface damage.
  • It has a class 1 durability rating. This is because the wood is filled with an aqua-phobic substance, making the timber water resistant. Therefore it doesn’t rot, even after years outdoors.
  •  It is pest resistant, and doesn’t attract wood borer or termites. This means it won’t be susceptible to damage from insects and pests.
  • It doesn’t need any special disposal method. You can simply dispose of it like any other natural untreated wood.
  • It smells gorgeous. The heat treatment applied keeps on giving off beautiful burnt pines smells in the heat and when it’s wet.
  • As it is treated to the core, you don’t need to treat it again to keep it strong and waterproof (unless you want to maintain its dark colour.)

The thought of cutting down 100-year-old hardwoods is very difficult for us. But since Rhino Wood is sustainably-farmed, no natural forests are required to be cut down.   This is part of the reason we find Rhino Wood such an appealing product to use. 

If you would like for your own deck to be built from Rhino Wood, let us know by contacting us here….. If you would like to learn more, you can do so by clicking here.

Rhino Wood uses sustainably sourced South African pine. Photo provided by Brave Media.