All Things Composite Decking

What exactly is composite decking?

Composite decking is made from reclaimed wood flower from the by-product of the timber industry. The composite nature (meaning made up of several parts) means that: 

  • No harmful sealants or treatments are required in the maintenance of its lifecycle. 
  • Notoxic chemicals are required to maintain the colour or quality of the deck boards.
  • The decks are low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • The water resistance of the products will prevent rotting. 
  • The textured surface of the boards prevents slipping. 
  • Both stain and mould resistant. 

One can enjoy the realistic looking textures and natural colour variations of wood without the accompanying issues. This is because the products do not attract problematic insects the way that wood does. Composite decking has also been tested in various weather conditions and has proven to be incredibly long lasting. All of the composite products that Deckscapes use are easy to install with a hidden clip system, which has a lovely finished look.

Composite decking is recognised by the Green Building Council of South Africa, which strives to achieve an environmentally sustainable building industry.

Over the next 50 years, the effective use of eco-friendly building products and replanting of trees will absorb up to 20% of man-made carbon emissions, providing long term solutions to protecting our fragile eco-systems. The product ranges that we use are far more sustainable than traditional harvested timber and directly focuses on green buildings and sustainable architecture.

Composite VS Timber

Timber, on the other hand, has a real and earthy feel underfoot. There are many sustainable timbers that can be used from South African forests. And if put down properly and well maintained, will last as long as the imported hardwood timbers.

Timber decks add value to your home, in addition to extending outdoor space. Timber is hardy and long suffering, and needn’t be excessive maintenance. 

A well-constructed timber deck could last between 10 and 25 years depending on the timber used and the maintenance. Other factors like sun, wind and shade, all contribute to the aging of the timber.

The saying “Touch Wood” comes from the Pagans who believed that you harnessed the power of the trees by standing on or touching wood – a saying we still use today. 

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