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4. Privicy Fence and Deck



Pool Decks

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Jetty Installation

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Timber Fences, Walls & Gates

Horizontal timber fence


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Timber Frame Extensions

free cost on us

free cost on us

We Provide Free Cost Estimates

The Deckscapes team offers free cost estimates for any decking build. Each project is unique and might require a site visit to assess the terrain and your needs.

Material we use

Material we use

Deckscapes Deliver High quality Materials

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This dense hardwood is sometimes known as Brazilian Ash or Grapia. It is a low maintenance wood which weathers to a silver gray colour if not treated to maintain its golden, natural beauty. Garappa is a fine grained timber, soft underfoot, and is scratch resistant which makes it a popular choice for outdoor decking.
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CCA Treated Pine is used by Deckscapes on most of the decking substructure. Pine can also be used as decking, (including in applications over or near water). However, being a softer timber it is best used in low-traffic areas. It can be stained to specific colour requirements. Pine requires regular treatment and will develop fine cracks over time. The quality is however very good.
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Composite decking

An alternate decking solution. Composite decking is both stain and mould resistant and require no sanding or sealing. They have also been laboratory tested for weather conditions and have proven to be incredibly long lasting. Composite Decking products are manufactured from 65% reclaimed wood flower from the byproduct of the timber industry. The composite nature of this decking also means that no harmful sealants or treatments are required in the maintenance life cycle
Soapy Pool Deck


Teak is one of the hardest and most durable of the African hardwood trees. It is also one of the most beautiful timbers in the world, with a fine, close grain and deep, rich natural colour. Harvested from the vast forest of the Kalahari sand veldt, the largest continuous stretch of sand in the world.
13.Deck with a view

Rhino Wood

We use stainless steel screw with all our decking that doesn’t make use of the hidden clip system. Fixings, like brackets and thread bar, are also stainless steel unless we are specifically asked to use something different.


Rhino Wood is sustainably grown soft wood that has been converted into a hardwood equivalent. This is done through thermal heat treatment and cell permeation with a non-toxic compound. You can find out more about Rhino Wood over on our blog.