Frequently Asked Questions: Hardwood and Pine Decking


Does Deckscapes oil my hardwood deck?

Hardwoods such as Balau, Massaranduba, Garappa and Purple Heart benefit from being oiled once a year. This nourishes the timber and keeps it from cracking. It also helps to maintain the colour – but all timber will silver over time as a result of oxidisation. SInce hardwoods have their own natural oils and therefore do not need oiling straight away.

We can arrange to oil your deck at an additional price. Ask us about the cost of oiling your new deck

I’m going to oil it myself, what oil should I use? 

We suggest that you use LOBA Clear Teak and Hardwood Oil OR ProNature. LOBA is only available from Zimbo’s Trading. We can purchase these oils for you and have them delivered. Just ask us about the current pricing. 

What happens if I don’t apply enough oil? 

The timber will fade and drying cracks will start to show.

What is your opinion regarding varnishes and sealers? 

The use of varnishes and heavy sealers is NOT recommended. These products prevent the timber from releasing rain water & natural oils. Over time this causes cracking and over drying of the timber.


Does Deckscapes oil my Pine Deck? 

After installation, a treatment should be done to feed oil back into the timber. Please note this is not part of our quote as it is always a lot cheaper to have a painter or gardener do this than have a carpenter do the painting.

Remember that the CCA treatment of pine does not protect against drying out, cracking or UV degradation. This is a common misconception. Timber decking needs to be protected from the elements by feeding oil back into the timber at regular periods.

We suggest you use:

Galseal: This can be applied when the timber is dry and then a 2nd coat reapplied after 6 months. Thereafter it can be oiled yearly.

Alternatively, Boiled linseed oil thinned with turpentine can also be used.

ProNature (which we can purchase for you or you can purchase from Organic Zone) 

What type of pine wood does Deckscapes use? 

The timber we use is treated with CCA to H3 exterior specifications ensuring guaranteed protection against timber rot and termite attack. This treatment is the recommended protection as per the Building Guidelines of the ITCSA (Institute of Timber Construction South Africa)

What is your opinion regarding varnishes and sealers? 

The use of surface sealers and varnishes is NOT recommended as this causes the timber to heat up excessively in hot conditions and does not allow the timber to breathe.

How long will pine decking last? 

South African Pine decking is an excellent exterior decking. If installed and screwed correctly, and maintained regularly, there is little reason that your pine decking should not last for15 years.  

What happens if I don’t apply enough oil? 

As with hardwood, the timber will fade and drying cracks will start to show

Contact us should you have any further questions regarding all things decking.