At Least 3 Reasons you Should Invest in a Timber Pergola

If you’re looking to add charm and character to your outdoor living space, a timber pergola is a great option worth considering. 

A pergola is an arched or flat lattice work structure that is flexible in terms of size, location and design. This is a big reason that they are such a popular choice amongst home owners. 

The good news is that Deckscapes builds timber pergolas all over Cape Town and the Western Cape for home owners as well as businesses. And our pergolas are custom designed to fit your outdoor space. 

Wooden Pergola

Why build a pergola?

Not only are pergolas a beautiful addition to your garden, they can also be built with a specific purpose in mind, such as: 

  • To provide shade to your outside seating area. A major benefit when you live in sunny South Africa.
  • To support a vine or a creeper. A naturally beautiful solution to enclose your patio or deck. 
  • To support roofing sheets, which is then known as a pavilion. 

They can also serve as an extension to your outside seating area or they can be located to be a standalone, eye-catching garden feature. It all depends on your design preference. 

Another reason that pergolas are so popular is because they are generally low maintenance and add value to your property. You never know, building a pergola on your deck or patio could entice a potential buyer into purchasing your home.

They can either be built from soft wood like SA Pine or Merranti, or they can be built from an imported hardwood like Balau, Teak or even Garappa. It all depends on the look & feel that you’re after. We can also construct what we refer to as a ‘rustic pergola’, which is when we use gum poles for the support and lathes for the sun slats. 

And just on the off chance this is something you’ve wondered, the origin of the word pergola comes from the Latin word ‘pergula’, which refers to a projecting eave.

Timber Pergola

The images above show off just a few timber pergola builds that Deckscapes have done in and around Cape Town over the years.

Contact us today to start your own build.